Spring has officially sprung here in Bournemouth and I can't contain my excitement! Living in Dubai for the past two years has meant most of my wardrobe is of a summery style which living in England I find hard to wear. However now Spring is here I am delighted to be wearing some of my favourite pieces once again! 
 A very stark contrast from my usual attire of all black however it's all about nude for this Spring! This playful look is made by the gorgeous nude Dior skirt in my opinion. This New Look top is a staple in my S/S  wardrobe as it is the perfect length to pair with high wasted items. The simple nude heels are by Vince Camuto are very chunky so are comfortable enough to spend the day in.

This next outfit combines my favourite cream dress from an unknown boutique in Dubai with my new American Eagle pastel lilac cardigan. Paired with simple grey socks and my ASOS flatforms it gives the outfit a more 'edgy' vibe. 

 Finally, another nude/neutral based outfit! I adore this neutral panel skirt from Guess it fits me very well which is often tricky for me to find in body-con style skirts. For a more formal look a paired my Topshop jumper and my Emporio Armani belt. Perhaps the jumper belt combination will not be to everyone's fancy, nonetheless I think with this outfit it works. The classic nude Steve Madden wedges add the finishing touch to this muted outfit. 

What are your favourite trends for this Spring? In all honesty I'm a tad bored of floral trend for this year. Also seen some brands/magazines trying to bring sports luxe back which I am not a big fan of at
Also a big thanks to my photographer Tara Desai
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Love Fia x

A Winter Look-book by Fia

Hello! Seeing as I've been based in Dubai for the last two years I have not shared my 'winter style' with you! Here are four outfits I styled, photographed by the amazing Cameron Johnson (I'm in love with all of his work, check out his website for more!) As I am at University in Bournemouth we decided to take advantage of the beautiful beach scenery and I think the pictures turned out really well!

Outfit one
I adore this Steve Madden cape! I love the way the silhouette of the outfit is completely transformed by it. Underneath I am wearing a simple black dress with pleather panels from H&M. I then accessorized with my favourite winter hat (the simple black beanie),  chains and my studded loafers.

Outfit two: 
This look is the most formal of the four but in fact the cheapest! Both the Tartan blazer and white collared shirt are from Primark! I think that when styled with the Topshop velvet shorts and my ASOS flatforms the look gives off an expensive vibe. I'm all about buying trend pieces from High-street stores as they are so quick to go out of fashion. This outfit reminds me of the Gossip Girl character Blair Wardof- who I love! 

Outfit three:
All black everything. People who know me in real life know that I am always wearing head to toe black. So effortlessly classic, black is my favourite shade to wear all year round! This is a very simple outfit, made up of my River Island black trousers with a pleather panels, a Primark long sleeved top and of course my much loved JC Litas

Outfit four: 
Another simple outfit, I layered this cropped River Island jumper over a navy New Look dress. I'm a big fan of layering, especially jumpers over dresses- that way the dress turns into a skirt! Again accessorizing with simple black beanie and long black socks to give the outfit a playful vibe.

My advice for you this winter is to keep it simple and neutral. Layer pieces up depending on the temperature of the country you live in. Finally, winter is the time to experiment with different materials, whether it be velvet or wool! 
What do you think of my winter style? Let me know! 
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Love Fia x 

OOTD| Back to nature!

This was a very simple outfit in keeping with my love for all things black. I absoutely adore the cape/cardigan and think it completes any outfit (within reason). 

Leggings: Topshop
Cape: Primark
Boots: DM 
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OOTD: Free

My clothes to me are a means of expression, therefore I love to play around with different looks. Sure I get the occasional odd glance but I love changing character from day to day through my clothes. This was a day just after I'd finished exams, after months of being in lounging-about clothes revising, I wanted to do something fun! So I crimped my hair into this make-shift 'afro' and wore this casual but cool Topshop dress.

What do you think of this look? 
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Love Fia x

OOTD: Prom 2013

I thought perhaps some of you may like to see some pictures of what I wore to prom this year. I'm not a fan of the typical prom dress: a bright colour, made of silk with some sparkly detail. In fact I rather detest that look! So I went for this Karen Millen dress which I'd had my eye on since 2011, some may hate it, but in my opinion its just the right amount of elegance for prom whilst still being interesting! My fierce prom date was the one and only Andrea Brocca whom I'm sure you have all heard of!

What do you think about prom dresses? Are you are fan of the classic silk dress look or do you prefer something different?
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Love Fia x